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About MoonShine

     Brother and Sister from Laguna Beach, CA captivate listeners and music seekers with their original tunes that bring back the vintage styles of Blues and Jazz with a Rockabilly and Surfy twist. Vocalist, Celena Marie and Guitarist, Dylan DelPizzo-Howell formed MoonShine in January of 2012. After they started writing their own music, Celena and Dylan sought out to perform live to share their original style with people in their community. Feeding their passion to create and play music, was Laguna Beach's welcoming support of live music and a huge Rock/Blues scene that exists throughout Orange County. Since then, MoonShine has been exciting music enthusiasts ever since. By combining such iconic genres of music, they created a sound that is both nostalgic and current.


     MoonShine performs as a Duo for more intimate gigs, but also performs as a trio, quintet or quartet for larger venues with Standup Bass player, Justin Drucker, Drummer, Nick Crays and Harmonica/Percussionist/Banjo player, Travis Muniz. MoonShine will fill your soul with their high energy performances which are fun to dance to, very diverse and enjoyable for people of all ages!


     As songwriters, Celena Marie and Dylan have a wide range of influences that constantly inspire them to create new music, from musicians they look up to, to something as simple as a walk on the beach. They get their bluesy influences from artists like: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, and Johnny Cash. MoonShine's more contrasting diverse influences include Wanda Jackson, Stray Cats, Imelda May, Devil Makes Three, and even Led Zeppelin. Also artists like Crosby Stills Nash, America and Creedence Clearwater, who are front runners when it comes to harmonies, have inspired them when writing progressions and melodies for their songs.

    MoonShine performs throughout Orange County and in Los Angeles including shows at The House of Blues (Anaheim), The Sawdust Art Festival, Dana Point Food and Wine Festival, StillWater (Dana Point), The Cellar (San Clemente), Dana Point Harbor "Booze" Cruise, The Harp Inn Irish Pub (Costa Mesa), Renaissance (Dana Point), La Cave (Costa Mesa), Fratello's (Laguna Niguel) and Lot 1 (Echo Park). In their home town of Laguna Beach, MoonShine has performed at Marine Room Tavern, The White House, The Cliff Bar & Fireside Theater, Ocean Avenue Brewery, Mozambique, Big Fish Tavern and Hobie Surf Shop, as well as benefit concerts for Blue Water Music Festival, The Mauli Ola Foundation, American Cancer Society "Kiss My Cure," and LGOCA "Life Is Beautiful" Breast Cancer Awareness.


      They have performed along side notable artists and bands
such as Chevy Metal with drummer Taylor Hawkins from The Foo Fighters, David Lindley, Robert Francis, The Rocketz, Aloha Radio, Vinnie & The Hooligans, The Sugar Daddys, The Salty Suites, Missiles of October, Wax Children, Parker Macy Blues, Jason Feddy, Dano Forte's Juke Joint Freak Show, Addie Hamilton & the Gals and Your Ugly Sister.


 Laguna's Radio Station KX93.5 currently plays their acoustic single "The One Who Got Away" and their Duo Album "Cold As Stone." MoonShine has also been interviewed on air and performed live on Jazz Quest Radio, The Groove Express, LagunaPalooza and Music Matters.


    MoonShine will be releasing their first album as a 5 piece band soon! They are looking forward to a Southern California Tour in the near future. 

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